3:16 Trackdays is a local organization that hosts events at various race tracks around Texas. I myself have participated in these events and rode with my own motorcycles. 
In November of 2020 I partnered with the owner of the organization and began doing design work for them. This is a flyer I designed to advertise their 2021 track schedule and provide additional information about the organization. I also helped distribute these flyers to local powersports dealerships and motorcycle retail stores like Cycle Gear. 
In March of 2022 I designed this ad for 3:16 Trackdays to be featured in Roadracing World Magainze's Trackday Issue. The purpose was to help increase awareness for 3:16 Trackday's upcoming events @ Circuit of the Americas and encourage signups. 
This is the magazine publication that featured my ad for 3:16 Trackdays.
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