For this project I wanted to create a unique identity for my wife who had been going through a data science boot camp. After the students graduated they needed to be able to market themselves with online profiles such as, share out resumes, business cards and collaborate via email or social media. I wanted to help create an identity that would set her apart from the rest of the students. This treatment is where I landed. I think it has a techy feel but also a bit of femininity to it. I wanted to make something that would be eye catching and also incorporate something specific to my wife. In this case, I settled with using her initials YK as the main visual. She also likes flowers and the color blue which I tried to incorporate into the design.

Final Design

I began the initial design process by sketching out ideas. I created roughly 30 different ideas before I narrowed down the options. These were some of the early sketches.
I then wanted to refine our favorites to about 8 different concepts. I like to use sharpie for this stage to help make sure the design can stand on its own in black and white. 
Once we had landed on a design we were both happy with I brought the work into Illustrator. I created the final design and then proceeded to design her business card and resume. This is the business card design that shows what both the front and back look like. 
This is the resume I designed for her that also features the logo.
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