Motorsports Bootcamp is a day long training provided exclusively to active duty soldiers for the purpose of teaching them important skills that can improve their day to day sport vehicle operation. This is done at no cost to them and is formatted through a blend of classroom, drills, and closed course training.
It is known that soldiers have a high risk of motorcycle and sports car related fatalities due to accidents on public roads. This program is designed to give our active duty men and women operational training to help avoid accidents.
I partnered with the organizers of this event and my role was to help create the branding, design any marketing materials needed, write content and build a website that could take participant registrations, receive donations and educate people about the event.
This is the donation widget I choose to use and stylized it to fit the needs of the organization. Users could securely donate to the cause using PayPal or a credit card for convenience. 
This is the registration page for soldiers who plan to bring their motorcycle to the event. With just a quick checkout process they can be on their way to participating in one of the most unique motorsports events at no cost to them. 
These are some of the T-shirts I designed for the event. There were 3 T-shirt designs for the event. One design was for staff while another was for the event instructors. A 3rd design was created to showcase the events sponsors and was given to the participants for free.
We also decided to make some flyers so we could advertise the event at local powersports dealerships and motorcycle retail outlets like Cycle Gear. These were the flyers I designed. 
Below are a few photos from the day of the event. It was a huge success and the military participants were very happy with their experience overall!
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