One of my past projects for USAA was to redesign the Motorcycle Loans page. This work included support for a new promotional offer by BMW as well as updating the design of the page and to create a mobile equivalent.
Through interviewing stakeholders of the project I learned that the largest group of members coming to this page were in their 30s. Having spent lots of time riding on the road I choose to feature a banner image of a rider on a naked sport bike. This is a very common bike for that group of riders to own. I myself have an SV650. 
For the next section on the page I wanted to make it easy for members to find the loan rates as this is the most important thing to someone looking to acquire a loan from a bank.
After that we get to the BMW promotional offer. I wanted to showcase one of the models they were offering a discount on to help get members excited about the prospect of owning a BMW bike.
Following that section we come to the 1,2,3. This is a common way for companies to try and help sell the user on how easy it is to acquire their product. In just 3 easy steps the user can be closer to owning their next bike. One extra piece of incentive I included in this section was the time-frame. My hope was that users would see they could get a decision from the bank within 24 hours. This might help to encourage them to go with USAA over another bank that could take longer to respond back.
The page finishes with a cross-sell to USAA's motorcycle insurance product as well as a closing banner with CTA.

But wait! There's mobile too! Checkout my short video where I go through a mobile version of the motorcycle loans page.
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